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for all your Japanese graphics needs
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Welcome to JGraphics, a graphics community dedicated to anything Japanese like anime, jpop/rock, sushi, kimonos, anything that is Japanese related hehe. Anyone joins can post whatever kinds of graphics they want like icons, wallpapers, layouts, banners, etc ... just as long as it has to do with anything Japanese and that you are a member.

1. Post anything that is Japanese-related ONLY.
2. COMMENT and CREDIT the makers. No stealing and no claiming their work as your own. You also have to follow the rules that they post.
3. Anything that is too big or has a numerous amount has to go behind an LJ-CUT. (ex. more than 3 icons, layouts, wallpapers, etc)
4. Respect the members and their work. No rude comment and absolutely no bashing.
5. This isn't really a request community because everything is already pre-made but if the maker states that they will take requests then only comment in their posts. Don't make a post entirely for your request.

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